«Mag-Securs» magazine has been created in 2003. At this time, high speed data transmissions were at the very beginning. Services availability were critical topics with many issues: networks and systems saturation, operation system compromising, virus and malwares. Security editors such as government authorities were already working very hard.

In 2007, «Mag-Securs» made a deal with «PC Presse», publisher of the magazine « L’Informaticien » since 2002, to get more visibility and power to address the French professional IT market. The target was to be the number one in the French IT security communication market. And we get it.

Since then, security needs increased and threats were more and more complicated. With confidential issues, governance, sovereignty, industrial development and so on.

«Mag-Securs» always follows these news. In France, the magazine is focusing the military programing law and the future European data privacy regulation, and many other security subjects, as well as any security issues topics and other technical issues.
«PC Presse» and «Mag-Securs» team is structured like a «dream team» with:
• Olivier Guillaumin: «PC Presse» Chairman of the board;
• Michel Barreau: «PC Presse» CEO;
• Stéphane Larcher: Chief editor of «PC Presse» publications, and «Mag-Securs» chief editor;
• Sylvaine Luckx: manager of «Mag-Securs» investigation projects;
• Dominique Ciupa: security IT expert, consultant for «PC Presse» and «Mag-Securs» management team;
• Bertrand Garé: chief editor «l’Informaticien», «Mag-Securs» journalist;
• Emilien Ercolani: chief editor assistant «l’informaticien», «Mag-Securs» journalist;
• Benoît Gagnaire: «PC Presse» account manager;
• Franck Soulier: artistic director;
• As well as a large and experienced journalists team with: Loic Duval, Christophe Bardy, Yann Serra, Nathalie Hamou, Thierry Taurraux, … who regularly are publishing many papers in «PC Presse» publications.

The printed magazine «Mag-Securs», quarterly issue

The magazine is issued at 5.000 copies each quarter and many professional associations through different partnerships: Assises de la Sécurité (in Monaco), FIC (in Lille), Soirées du Cercle européen de la Sécurité (in Paris), and so on.

According to different opinion pool studies, more than 4 professionals in the IT security industry read each issue of «Mag Securs» magazine. That means that more of 20.000 IT security professionals are reading this magazine each quarter.

Security subjects for this magazine are chosen to address complex questions to propose IT security professional new ideas. Each person interviewed have to approve the text written by the journalist making the interview to be sure that no mistake occurs in any «Mag Securs» document. This heavy process is a high quality insurance for «Mag-Securs» readers.

«Mag-Securs» journalist team activity is completely disconnected with any advertising activities as required by any journalist ethical code.
www.mag-securs.com web site

This web site is publishing many articles from the «Mag-Securs» journalists’ team. It is also publishing many press release of security IT editors. It is sending a weekly newsletter issued at 25,000 exemplars. Between 250 and 300,000 web pages are viewed with 180,000 unique readers.

A new forum space has been created to publish original papers form IT security professionals. This forum is moderated by the journalist’ team. http://www.mag-securs.com/tribune.aspx

«Mag-Securs» LinkedIn discussion group

This discussion group has been created end of november 2014. End of January, it reaches 2,000 members. More than 50 discussions have been created in 2 months.

This discussion group has 3 spaces: «discussion», «advertisement» and «hiring».

«Mag-Securs» LinkedIn relationships

«Mag-Securs» LindekIn relationships combines more than 10,000 very qualified persons, including CSO, CIO and experts and a little number of journalists. These relationships are used to work on IT security enquiries.

This relationship file can also be used for qualified leads generation activities.

« Mag-Securs » events

«Mag-Securs» events are organized in partnership with IT security solutions editors. Interactive webinars can be proposed as well as breakfast, lunch or diners. The idea is to present a solution in a short period of time for high level directors to show the solution value.

Such events are recorded and can be published on Youtube to increase the target size and a longer period of time. These events are using all of the «Mag-Securs» Medias.